Dadpatio2Anyone who knew my father, Terence Gallacher, knew he was never happier than round the table, either at home or at a restaurant, surrounded by good food, good wine and good company.

Terry grew up in London, born in 1928, the youngest of six brothers, as he said himself, his parents Patrick and Alice were Victorians.

Of that time Terry says:

“What was on the plate was all that there was, there was no choice, there were no seconds and there were no left-overs.  Because of this, we developed a taste for almost every food.”

Terry’s work would play a major factor in his education and appreciation of food, working in Soho Square from 1945 for British Movietone News, he was introduced to the delicatessens of Brewer Street and Old Compton Street, offering a glimpse of Italian and French cuisine.

In later years he travelled the world to produce and direct documentaries, working with local cameramen, who imparted their knowledge of their local cuisine, introducing new dishes and local wines to sample, he brought those experiences back with him.

This blog encapsulates all variety of meals and methods of cooking, from the simple to the spectacular, often with a story attached to the meal itself and wherever possible a recipe too.

The website’s articles will be released as a series of chapters, chronologically revealing how Terry discovered and enjoyed food.

To learn more of Terry’s career, visit his website:

Ian Gallacher