Chapter 80: The Most Expensive Olive in the World

We were told that, on the top floor of the Sheraton in Abu Dhabi, there was a cabaret dinner that night.  We elected to go along, although John Samson, the director with the film crew, seemed reluctant.  We all went up there and went in to find a table.

We sat round the table on which there were some Greek-type black olives, John Samson ate one.  He then announced that he would not be staying and he got up and left.  When he got to the door, he was asked to pay about $30 for a ticket.  He pointed out that he was not staying and did not wish to eat dinner.  It made no difference, they wanted their money.

We thought that the olive he ate might qualify for the most expensive olive in the world.  Three days later, the crew moved on down the Gulf while I flew home.

Next chapter: Chapter 81: The Speech Stopper

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