Chapter 66: Whiskey and soda, no ice

Amman_downtown_1970In the summer of 1974, I was asked to go to Amman in Jordan to advise their television service about newsgathering and news presentation.  My wife, Janet, was invited to travel with me.

We were given tickets for an Alia flight to Amman.

We travelled the seven hour flight First Class.  At Amman airport, we were met by a chauffeur who took us to the Hilton Hotel and checked us in.  We were advised that our entire hotel bill would be paid for by Jordan Television, all I had to do was sign the bills.

We had dinner and after went into the bar.  I explained to the duty barman that I drank Whisky and Soda and that Janet drank Gin and Tonic.  We did not wish to have ice in our drinks (possibly made from local water), so I asked if he would put Soda and Tonic mixers in the fridge for us.  He agreed.  I was told around, about this time, that the local water might not be any less clean than our own at home, but it would have different bacteria that could upset us.

A few days later, I went down with food poisoning which, although quite uncomfortable, did not prevent me from working.

Next chapter: Chapter 67: “Tomorrow you dine with the King”

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