Chapter 62: Picnic Lunch

Old_Trafford_PavilionOne of my summer occupations was to film the one-day cricket matches.  Some of them were England v. Australia, others versus The West Indies.

These were to make films for The Prudential Insurance Company. We had been commissioned by Andrew Stevens of Market Place Public Relations.

One-day cricket matches are played between 11am and 7pm.  Because of this, it was impossible for our film crew to leave the cricket ground to find sustenance, so we, like all the directors of The Pru were provided with a lunch pack.  What a pack !  We had chicken and ham with wonderful salad, a dessert and, separately,  a small bottle of cooled Champagne from the House of Taittinger.

The matches were played over three days and each day, we were given a surprise package of excellent food.  They were certainly the best packed lunches that I have ever been offered.

Further reading: The Prudential Trophy England v Australia 1972

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