Chapter 61: A Prize bottle of Wine

Margaux_bottlesMy office colleague at UPITN, Norman Dickson, was a member of a wine society.   He had a neighbour in Sutton, where he lived, who was also a member.  The society was having its annual raffle for a bottle of rare red wine.  A bottle was worth a few hundred pounds.

Norman said “I am going to win the bottle and my wife (Maimie) and I are organising a dinner with my neighbour and his wife when we intend to open the bottle”.   “Of course, we shall have a few bottles of red on standby, after all, there are only six glasses in the bottle

I said “Do you really mean to open it and drink it ?”, “Of course, this opportunity doesn’t come round very often”.

I said ”You haven’t won it yet”.  Norman replied “Oh, ye of little faith”.

If I were you”, I said, “I would sell it to the highest bidder and with the money, I would buy several cases of fine Scotch”.  He said “This is a chance of a lifetime”.

Needless to say, Norman won the prize bottle and had his dinner party.

The next day, he came into the office and I asked him how the bottle of wine went down.

It went down the toilet” he said, “It was like p***”.

I said “What a waste of all that Scotch”.

Next chapter: Chapter 62: Picnic Lunch

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