Chapter 59: So, where are we going to eat ?

Monte MealIn Monte Carlo, After some years staying at the Forum Hotel in Beausoleil,  it was agreed that we would change hotels and stay at the Splendide.  This had something to do with Ken Watanabe, our man from Tokyo, having his sleep disturbed by La Patronne at the forum.

It was a seedy hotel, badly in need of renovation and we would never agree to eat there regularly.  In fact, after one indifferent meal, we decided to always dine elsewhere.

One of our cameramen, Paul Badin, who had a nose for such things, said that he had discovered a small restaurant around the back of the hotel.  It was called St. Michel.  We all trooped round there for lunch.

Paul Badin filming in Monte Carlo

Paul Badin filming in Monte Carlo

Once inside, we saw that only one table was occupied.   It was occupied by four people who were of one family.  Badin, as was his wont, walked over to them and asked them what they were eating.  They explained that the restaurant was theirs and that they were eating their cooked lunch which was not on the menu.  Badin said, “Have you got a portion left for me ?”  Grandma said that they had and immediately left the table to go back into the kitchen.  The rest of us sat at a long table.

So, here we were in the south of France eating Greek food.

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