Chapter 58: A classic Omelette

Big_Omelette_(523784359)During the filming of the Monte Carlo Rally, we often found ourselves away from Monte Carlo at lunch times.  We had to eat.  One of our favourite places was at Eze, near Villerfanche on the Basse Corniche which runs all along the coast through the Riviera.  It is a tourist attraction in itself.

Just before a bend in the road, there is, or was, the small restaurant called Les Flot Bleus.  This restaurant was on the cliffs above the Mediterranean on the side of a gulf to the east of Villefranche.  We could sit by the window and watch the small boats coming and going.

Eze_viewed_from_Grand_CornicheOnce again, the food was essentially Provence food.  The Frenchmen within our crew always preferred to drink Provence rose wine rather than the red.

On one notable occasion, I ordered an omelette for lunch.  I received a lecture in the making of omelettes from the Chef.

He said that it was usual to see omelettes rolled up and served like a pudding with a leathery outside. These are omelettes that are in the fry pan for five minutes and are rolled to make all parts the same overcooked texture. Yes, that’s how I remember them.

egg-833631_640He said he would never use less than six eggs for an omelette and that he would remove from them two of the egg whites before blending the rest.  He would not beat the eggs.  It must be cooked in the proper utensil. A frying-pan with narrow rounded sides.

Enough butter to cover the pan should be placed in the pan and heated until it bubbles and starts to turn brown.  At that point, the egg mix is poured into the pan and must be allowed to spread all over the pan.  As soon as the lower part of the mix starts to firm up, tilt the pan and lift an edge of the omelettes to allow uncooked material lying on top to pour off onto the bottom of the frying pan.  Do this until there is no uncooked material left on top.

This process should take less than a minute.

Roll off the omelettes onto a hot plate..  Add melted butter and chopped parsley or chives.

I said “O.K., Yes, I will have one”.  What a treat !

Next chapter: Chapter 59: So, where are we going to eat?

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