Chapter 53: Farmhouse lodgings in Germany

Schweizerhaus04In August it was the German Grand Prix at Nurburgring.  Accommodation was always difficult in the area of Nurburgring and I made arrangements many months in advance through our German bureau.  The crew descended on the hotel to be told that we had no bookings.  I assured the management that bookings had been made by our bureau in Frankfurt.  He went away to check and came back to say that we had, indeed, been booked in but our bureau had failed to confirm the bookings, so they let off the rooms to other people.

So much for German efficiency.

Piet van Strien and I finished up lodging in a farm house.

At the race circuit, we were issued with a lunch box for race day.  Among the variety of interesting cheeses and cold meats, there was a packet of TUC biscuits.  It was the first time I had seen them and I liked them and have eaten them ever since.

Tuc_Crackers_On_Plate_With_Packing_2012In the evening before the race, there was a buffet for the press and the competing teams.  It was a wonderful lay-out, very German, with loads of German lager to drink.

On race day, it rained for most of the day.  Campers at the circuit were washed away, with rainwater rushing through their tents.

After the race, we were all soaked and muddy and immediately drove off in our various directions to get home.   Piet van Strien, driving back to Holland, dropped me off at the Dusseldorf Hotel.  It was a good job I had some baggage, otherwise they might not have let me in.  As it was,  people were staring at this strange person, all wet and muddy.

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