Chapter 45: Scottish Hospitality

Dim_sumIn 1963 I went up to Scotland to help make a film on the European Water Skiing Championships.  The crew and I were booked into the Bridge of Lochay Hotel which is close to Killin by Loch Tay.  The championships were being held on Loch Earn.
We had excellent rooms and a huge dinner which on one occasion was Roast Beef and on another Rack of Lamb, always served with a green vegetable and roast potatoes.  What was remarkable about it was that we were only paying 7/6 (37 pence) per night for board and about 4/- (20 pence) for dinner. It would have been difficult to find a better meal than those anywhere.

In the same year, I went up to Glasgow where we were to film the State Visit of King Olav of Norway to Scotland.  We followed him around in Scotland, but the first night we were in Glasgow, our local freelance cameraman, David Lowe, invited us to dinner at his favourite Chinese Restaurant.  By now, most large cities around the world could boast of a Chinese restaurant.

This was only my second visit to a Chinese restaurant but the first time we were advised how to order.    David said that we should each order what we want, place it in the middle of the table and then all dive in.  When something ran out, we would order a replacement.

Vietnamese_spring_rollsBy this means, in no time at all, we were able to sample half a dozen different recipes and to remember the good ones for future reference.

We had on offer: Dim Sims (Now being called Dim Sum for some unknown reason),  Spring Rolls, Beef with Bamboo shoots and Mushrooms, Steak Strips, Stir-fried Lamb, Pork Chow Mein, Crispy Fried Spiced chicken and several varieties of rice.

The next morning, I send a postcard back to my boss in which I said “Will someone rid me of this turbulent feast”.  I soon recovered.

Next chapter: Chapter 46: The House of Taittinger

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