Chapter 41: Home again, Home again Jiggity-Jig

SSOrcades Aden

Janet Gallacher, Terry with Mark Gallacher, Mary Wahren.

When it was time to return to England from Australia in 1961, we booked ourselves on the Orient liner “Orcades”. We had a tiny cabin for my wife, Janet, myself and son Mark, who was then about ten months old.

The Orcades, at that time, was in the middle of a cruise which had started out from Tilbury and made its way through the Suez Canal, to Colombo in Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Singapore, Yokohama, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Wellington, Sydney and to Melbourne where we boarded.

I tell you this because there were some passengers who had been on board since Tilbury, others had gone on sections of the cruise, depending on their choice and budget. There was a problem in that the entire crew had been on board since Tilbury and it showed.

We were travelling with a friend and colleague, Dennis, and his wife Mary, who had recently married.

Eating was a wonderful experience with a choice that is difficult to believe for a ship on the high seas. Of course if varied little from the menus I had seen on the voyage out in the “Strathaird”. I will give you a sample of a lunch and a dinner menu.

Lunch: Tuesday 31st January 1961

Soup: Potage Fermiere
Fish: Fresh Herrings, Meuniere
Entrée: Bengal Curry with rice
Joint: Cold Shoulder of Pork, Parsnips
Grill: Sirloin Steak, Lamb Chop
Potatoes: Chipped and Creamed
Vegetables: Puree of Swedes

Cold Buffet: Gloucester Pie, Luncheon Sausage
Salad: Lettuce, Beetroot, Tomato
Dressing: Mayonnaise, Gribiche

Sweet: Boiled Raisin Roll, Sweet Sauce
Tapioca Milk Pudding
Vanilla Ice Cream

Cheese: Cheddar, Edam
Cream Crackers, Water
Hotel Crackers, Wheatmeal

Dessert: Apples, Bananas, Mandarins

Tea or Coffee
Ceylon Tea
Iced Tea and Coffee

Coffee will be served in the Public Rooms. C. Delahay – chef de Cuisine

Dinner, Monday 16th January 1961

Appetisers: Grapefruit Juice, Chilled Sweet Melon
Soup: Veloute Gascoine
Fish: Poached Supreme of Halibut, Dugliere Sauce
Entrée: Lamb cutlets with Grilled Tomatoes
Roast: Topside of Beef with Yorkshire Pudding
Potatoes: Boiled and Browned
Vegetables: French beans

Cold Buffet: Shoulder of lamb, Corned Ox Tongue
Salad: Lettuce, Beetroot
Dressing: Mayonnaise, Vinaigrette

Sweet: Raspberry Cream Gateau
Chocolate Nut Sundae
Fruit Cream Trifle

Cheese: Cheddar, Gouda

Dessert: Apples, Pineapple, Oranges

Tea or Coffee
Ceylon Tea
Iced Tea and Coffee

Coffee will be served in the Public Rooms     C. Delahay – Chef de Cuisine

These two menus were typical of what was on offer every day for twenty eight days. After ten days at sea, we were dreaming of Fish and Chips, Sausage and Mash and anything very ordinary, as I had done a few years earlier on the “Strathaird”. Hope was in sight (almost), the next port of call was Colombo. Wow ! we can go ashore and get a true Curry.

To be continued.

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One thought on “Chapter 41: Home again, Home again Jiggity-Jig

  1. What an adventure, and what fayre, almost unheard of except for the idle rich. How times have changed. Typical of Terry to have kept the menus, thanks Ian

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