Chapter 40: Silverbeet

SwissChardOne of the things that was noticeable in Australia was the coming and going of seasonal vegetables, just as we had experienced before the war in England.

Cauliflower, new potatoes, carrots and turnips would arrive in the market at a high price. As they became more plentiful, the price would plummet and then, as supplies started to dwindle, the price would shoot up.

One of the vegetables that I was introduced to in Australia, having never seen it in England, was Silverbeet. This spinach-like vegetable has a broad stalk bearing the leaves and this is almost silver in colour. The whole leaf and stem are chopped and cooked as for spinach. It had a very nice taste.

It is sometimes known as Swiss Chard, but when buying the vegetable under that name in England, I found that it was somewhat different. Living now in France, I find that we can grow it and enjoy “Silverbeet”.

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