Chapter 8: My first school lunch

Fish_'n'_ChipsI started school in September 1933.  At lunch time, I would walk home with one of my elder brothers to have a bowl of soup with crusty fresh bread and then walk back to school.

When I was a little older, my mother would give me 3 pence (old pence that is) with which I could buy fish and chips.  The fish was two pence and the chips were a halfpenny.  This was obtained from the Fish and Chip shop in the Tottenham High Road, opposite Paxton Road.  What a feast. It’s a fast food shop now selling exotic delicacies.

English: Sweetshop window display, Back to Bac...

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I had a halfpenny left. With that I could go to Mrs. Dooley’s in Brereton Road on the south side, now demolished.  It was an ordinary terraced house, with bay windows, but, in the basement, she ran a small sweet shop.  It was in a row of houses that were next to our school, St. Francis de Sales.

There I could buy five toffees or a blackjack.  The blackjack was a real jaw-breaker but it had the advantage that  it was extremely difficult to share with anyone else.  Let them bring their own halfpenny !

On rare occasions we would take supper.  This would consist of raw Spanish onion and a chunk of cheddar.  How we got to sleep after that, I don’t know. However, it was very tasty and I am sure it did us good.

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 8: My first school lunch

  1. another intriguing episode, I would have used that chip shop when I made the same journey home many years later, about 1.5 miles, round trip which when I read it thought not, bad for a 5 year old. Then I realised that I did it too, mo wonder we grew up strong, fish an chips and exercise.. Great article

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