Chapter 1: Eating at home 1930s: the food available to the Gallacher household in the 1930’s.

Chapter 2: A Victorian House in the Thirties: the cooking facilities available to Terry’s mother Alice.

Chapter 3: Mother’s Cooking: a selection of hearty recipes cooked by Alice Gallacher at Trulock Road.

Chapter 4: Low Budget meals: Terry recalls the filling and delicious, but inexpensive, range of meals available at the Gallacher household.

Chapter 5: Getting ready for Christmas: the culinary preparations in September and October for Christmas.

'Cooking with Banana Leaves', Ubud Readers and Writers Festival, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, 12/10/2013.

Chapter 6: The Delivery Men: the many and various food and services, delivered to the door of 7 Trulock Road, Tottenham.

Chapter 7: A Staple Diet: more filling recipes from the dinner table at 7 Trulock Road.

Chapter 8: My first school lunch: from fish and chips and Blackjacks to homemade soup and bread.

Chapter 9: Easter time: including a recipe for pancakes.

Chapter 10: The Family Picnics: recalling the cakes and sandwiches on offer when the Gallacher family travelled to “The Willows”.

vegetablesChapter 11: The Family Holiday: the annual Gallacher family holiday to Vange in Essex and the visits to the sea.

Chapter 12: World War Two Commences: rationing, evacuation and the diet and portions available under wartime conditions, as well as a few myths being countered.

Chapter 13: Christmas at Trulock Road: buying gifts at the market and the food prepared for Christmas Day.

Chapter 14: Evacuation and a fruitful summer: A second evacuation, this time to Welwyn Garden City and a bountiful crop of Victoria Plums.

Chapter 15: The Shops of old: recalling the shops in Tottenham High Road.

Korean_food-Bibim_ssambap_and_various_banchan-01Chapter 16: The myth of mock recipes: the so-called “mock recipes” that never appeared at Trulock Road, Tottenham.

Chapter 17: Billeted with the Head Cook: collecting potatoes with Italian prisioners of war.

Chapter 18: “Eat that, Boy !”: The misery of “blood and sand” at school dinners.

Chapter 19: Mushrooms: an unexpected crop on the field opposite the house in Trulock Road.

Chapter 20: Under canvas: camping in the countryside and a recipe for crab apple jelly.

Spices_22078028Chapter 21: Looking for somewhere to eat 1945: Finding the local cafes and restaurants close to Soho.

Chapter 22: The Cottage Loaf: the surprise arrival of a loaf not seen since before the war.

Chapter 23: Christmas Parcels: how an unexpected delivery of food parcels from colleagues from Movietone Australia and Fox-Movietone New York made for a memorable Christmas.

Chapter 24: On the breadline: The introduction of bread rationing in July 1946.

Chapter 25: Military Cuisine: Nine days after Terry’s eighteenth birthday, he is conscripted into the army and the experience of army cooking.

food-270609_640Chapter 26: My Second Posting: Army fodder from the Army Catering Corp and a ‘bcuket of tea’.

Chapter 27: Lunch hours in post-war London: finding somewhere to eat on Terry’s return to work at Movietone.

Chapter 28: Lyon’s Corner House: Taking tea at the Lyon’s Corner House and the joys of an Individual fruit pie.

Chapter 29: Army Reunion: Meeting up at Chez Auguste in Soho with former comrades and a first taste of Corbieres.

Chapter 30: The Night bus home: leaving the West End late at night and ending up at a cafe with a bus load of passengers on the way home.

FormaggiChapter 31: Haute Cuisine on the High Seas: Terry’s journey as a Ten Pound Pom about the RMS Strathaird on his way to Melbourne in 1956.

Chapter 32: In search of a lunchtime venue: the search of a hot meal, in the former Heinz Factory in Bendigo Street.

Chapter 33: Spring rolls: a late night meal on the way home from GTV9.

Chapter 34: In search of the Amber Nectar: Visiting an Australian pub for the first time and the experience of the “Six o’clock swill”.

Chapter 35: Eating out in Melbourne: Eating at Menzies Hotel, experiencing Russian cuisine and a trip around Sydney Harbour.

2Chapter 36: Ice Cold in Mildura: Looking for a refreshing beer after being booked into a temperance hotel and finding the longest bar in the world.

Chapter 37: Spaghetti Carbonara: enjoying this Italian dish in 1950’s Australia.

Chapter 38: Wild Boar: A wonderfully prepared dish of Wild Boar.

Chapter 39: A Wee Dram: Making a film for the Australian Broadcasting Commission about whiskey and gin at Gilbey’s.

Chapter 40: Silverbeet: being introduced to silverbeet.

Good_Food_DisplayChapter 41: Home again, Home again Jiggity-Jig: the impressive range of meals available on the return journey from Australia to England in early 1961.

Chapter 42: Ceylon – In Search of Curry and Tea: After a daily menu of wonderfully extravegant food on board the ship on it’s way to Tilbury, Terry arrives in Columbo looking for a curry and maybe a cup of tea.

Chapter 43: A return to Soho and Denham Village: After the adventure of Australia Terry returns to his old haunt of Soho and discovers the pub/restaurants of Denham.

Chapter 44: Eating out on the road: Finding somewhere to eat during the filming of the 1962 Grand National with British Movietone News.

Chapter 45: Scottish Hospitality: On an assignment with British Movietone News in Scotland, sampling Chinese cuisine.

1Chapter 46: The House of Taittinger: An invitation in October 1963 to visit The House of Taittinger, with the original schedule and menu.

Chapter 47: On Location in Germany: Enjoying local knowledge into great local meals, and an adventure in finding a bottle opener.

Chapter 48: Eating in Monte Carlo: The restuarants and memorable meals during the break in filming the Monte Carlo Rally.

Chapter 49: The Safari Rally: Eating out in Nairobi and learning a few local customs.

Chapter 50: Local History: Discovering the history of Ingatestone House and how food was distrubuted in Elizabethan times.

Antipasto_Misto_Con_BruschetteChapter 51: Raie au Beurre Noir and Sancerre: eating well at the 1968 French Grand Prix held outside Rouen.

Chapter 52: The Grand Tour of Grand Prix: sampling chicken Satay during the filming of the Dutch Grand Prix.

Chapter 53: Farmhouse lodgings in Germany: an introduction to the great TUC biscuit while filming the German Grand Prix.

Chapter 54: Yes, we have no Strawberries: arriving in Verviers for the Belguim Grand Prix, a place famed for its strawberries.

Chapter 55: Fettine di Maiale alla Sorrentina: The wonderful array of food available while filming the 1968 Italian Grand Prix.


Chapter 56: Back to Milan: The perils of not eating the local cuisine.

Chapter 57: La Daube de Boeuf Provencale: A classic French dish, sampled during the filming of the Monte Carlo Rally.

Chapter 58: A classic Omelette: The simple pleasure of a perfectly cooked dish.

Chapter 59: So, where are we going to eat?: Going Greek…in Monte Carlo.

Chapter 60: The Trats: The story of the great Trattoria Toscana in Soho, run by Walter Palermo.


Chapter 61: A Prize Bottle Of Wine: You win a vintage bottle of wine, what could possibly go wrong?

Chapter 62: Picnic Lunch: A day in the field working rewarded with a scrumptious hamper.

Chapter 63: Granada: An introduction to gazpacho.

Chapter 64: Eating out in Africa: Finding sustenance in the most obscure places.

Chapter 65: Try the Coquille St. Jacques: Tales of great meals in 1970’s Paris.

Azerbaijan_Light_snackChapter 66: Whiskey and soda, no ice: Making arrangements for drinks in Amman in 1974.

Chapter 67: “Tomorrow you dine with the King”: Meeting King Hussein of Jordan during a trip in 1974.

Chapter 68: Luncheon in a desert town: and feasting on mansaf.

Chapter 69: “Lunch with a Typical Arab Family”: As guest of honour at lunch, Terry was able to sample a great array of Arabic cuisine.

Chapter 70: “Gahwa ‘arabiyah”: The benefits of the local Arabic coffee made with cardamon.

baguettesChapter 71: Night Life in Amman: An eventful evening taking in the nightlife in Amman, Jordan in 1974.

Chapter 72: Lunch with the Bedouin 1976: Great hospitality while waiting to film in the Emirates.

Chapter 73: Bedouin Rations: “Mad dogs and Englishmen…”

Chapter 74: Dining out on location can be dangerous…: The lessons learned from years of filming all over the world.

Chapter 75: Defender of His Faith: The thinking behind, what some religions permit to eat.


Chapter 76: A feast fit for a king: An introduction to Anhepsital cooking.

Chapter 77: A Selection of Starters: In the Emirates, after a week of fine food, a solution to a film crew unable to make up their mind what to have to eat.

Chapter 78: Lunch at the Cosmas: The legendary second office in Goodge Street.

Chapter 79: Chocolate Dessert in the Desert: One of the great desserts, found in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Chapter 80: The Most Expensive Olive in the World: A costly Greek-style olive at the Sheraton in Abu Dhabi.


Chapter 81: The Speech Stopper: Once again, champagne came to the aid of the party.

Chapter 82: Vive la différence: a trip in a Rolls Royce and spotting the difference between the price of a bottle of wine in France and later England.

Chapter 83: Hungry at a State Dinner: Terry finding himself extremely hungry at a State Dinner at the Qubba Palace in Cairo.

Chapter 84: You would be mad to eat in the Bazaar: The interesting ingredients on offer at the Khan al-Khalili bazaar.

Chapter 85: A dollar bill can go a long way: the story of a long travelled Dollar Bill.


Chapter 86: Back to The Emirates: with a terrible hotel but great food.

Chapter 88: “That’s not treacle pudding!”: a colleague unhappy with a restaurant’s definition of a treacle pudding.

Chapter 89: A thoroughly English Restaurant: The joys of dining at Simpson’s in The Strand.

Chapter 90: Wheeler’s Restaurant: The great fish restaurant in London.

'Cooking with Banana Leaves', Ubud Readers and Writers Festival, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, 12/10/2013.

Chapter 91: The Eating Club: A great range of restuarants visited with the “Eating Club”.

Chapter 92: Lunches in Soho – Lamb at the Braganza: The fine dining and wonderful meals in some of the great restuarants of Soho.

Chapter 93: Overdosing on Coffee: discovering the problems that can be associated with drinking coffee (and tea).

Chapter 94: Eating out in Soho and Fitzrovia: the lunchtime options around the West End.

Chapter 95: Lunch at the Waldorf: dining and afternoon tea at the Waldorf Hotel in the heart of London.

3299161912_1ae93bcd89_z copy

Chapter 96: Brighton and a drop of White Wine: Enjoying meals down The Lanes at Brighton and a solution to wine spillages.

Chapter 97: The locals don’t always know best: trying to find a good wine in Madrid.

Chapter 98: Eating out in Estartit: Enjoying the local restuarants and produce from the markets around Estartit.

Chapter 99: Bouillabaisse at Chez Fon Fon: A famous meal at the home of Boillabaisse in Marseilles.

Chapter 100: George V and Fouquet’s: The shortest of taxi rides took us from the George V hotel to a memorable meal at Fouquets.

spaghetti bolognese detail

Chapter 101: Nouvelle Cuisine: An expensive meal in Cannes that left you hungry for more.

Chapter 102: New Year’s at The Rose and Crown: A sumtuous meal to see in the new year in Salisbury.

Chapter 103: Dining in Bethnal Green: More Moules Mariniere than Pie and Mash at Chez Gallacher in E2.

Chapter 104: Dining in the desert: Visiting the Western Sahara and the Saharoui people.

Chapter 105: Dinner at The House of Commons: The perils of talking about wine.


Chapter 106: Lamb Chops, Chips and Peas – Dubai Style: Finding room for a generous portion of lamb chops.

Chapter 107: Sushi in Rotterdam: Sampling Japanese and Dutch cuisine, while filming for the London Metal Exchange in 1996.

Chapter 108: Bringing it all home to me: Using the recipes found around the world back at Chez Gallacher.

Chapter 109: The Repas: The yearly get together of our neighbours here in France.

Chapter 110: A memorable meal: Terry recalls the happy accident of finding a superb Couscous restaurant in Argentan on the way back from a visit to Paris to film an interview with the BBC in 2012.


Chapter 111: Afters: A look back at the culinary events in previous chapters and championing British food.

Chapter 112: An extra helping: Having lived through the 1950’s, Terry refutes a list of mostly nonsense claims about food in Britain in the 1950s.